Crystal Ro
June 13, 2016 12:49 pm

As you may know, Disney’s highly anticipated series Elena of Avalor, will feature their first Latina princess, Elena. The show will follow her action-packed adventures set in an enchanted fairytale land called “Avalor.”

Disney Channel

So, you may wonder, who else will be joining Elena on her journeys? Well, a handsome prince, of course!

His name will be Prince Alonso, and he’ll be voiced by Teen Wolf’s star, Tyler Posey.


That’s right, this new prince is going to be a total fox wolf.

Posey, who is of Mexican heritage on his mother’s side, joins an impressive cast of rising Latinx stars including Dominican-American actress Aimee Carrero (Princess Elena herself).

We don’t have any ~official~ images yet of Prince Alonso yet. Although this dashing lad in the trailer could be him?

Disney Channel

He certainly looks princely (and if you watch the trailer it does sound a lot like Posey!).

Either way, we can’t wait until July 22nd (the premiere date of Elena of Avalor), and a big “CONGRATS!” to Tyler!