Elizabeth Entenman
January 30, 2015 9:18 am

If you ask any Portlandia fan to pick their favorite recurring characters, many are bound to say Toni and Candace, owners of the feminist bookstore Women and Women First. No brainer. Here’s a surprise though: There’s a real feminist bookstore behind Women and Women First, and it’s called In Other Words. The feminist community center and bookstore, based in Portland, serves as the filming location and perhaps, inspiration, for the sketches.

But unlike Fred and Carrie’s characters, the real-life bookstore owners have an awesome sense of humor. Last year they took over the @portlandia Twitter handle and live-tweeted the Super Bowl, and it was so hilarious, they’re doing it again this year. I can’t wait for their commentary on cheerleaders, celebration dances and men in tight football pants.

Here are some gems from last year, and a preview of what we can expect this year:

In Other Words will be tweeting from @portlandia on Sunday, so follow along as the hilarity ensues! #FeministBookstoreSaysWhat

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