What’s your favorite scary movie? Yours probably differs from your friends, since everyone has their own go-to for something that goes bump in the night. But ever wonder about what’s the most popular scary movie in your state, even your city? Well, wonder no more, because the folks at Halloween Express have taken care of that research for us — just in time for Halloween.

With the help of the Internet (of course), Halloween Express took the top 20 horror movies on IMDb, and figured out what areas were searching for what movies most frequently. With that information, they were able to tally up results that show not only the most popular horror movie in America, but then break it down state by state. They’ve even gone so far as to show what horror movie is most popular in the largest cities across the country. The U. S. of A. has a pretty wide taste in horror movies.

Their results show that the most popular horror movie is actually a close tie. Both Aliens and Psycho come out on top, but looking at it state by state, Aliens is the most popular in a whopping 48. Rhode Island and Delaware like Psycho more.

Excluding those two, The Shining now comes out on top, with it being a fave in the Midwest/Pacific Northwest, and Texas is big into The Exorcist. And Iowa? Silence of the Lambs.

But now if we want to look at specific cities, that’s where things really start varying. In New York City, Friday the 13 reigns supreme, with Carrie being super popular in Miami, and Dallas loving A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Agree? Disagree? Suddenly find yourself craving some scary movies? With only 27 days left to go of October, you’ve got a lot of movies to binge. Thankfully Halloween Express also provided a handy chart to show us exactly where we can stream these horror classics, because what’s our favorite scary movie? ALL OF THEM.

(Image via Paramount Pictures, Halloween Express)