Erin Mallory Long
Feb 11, 2015 @ 7:00 am

Things that I love include: pop culture, shopping for things on the Internet, and greeting cards. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to combine all three into one easy-to-digest list of amazing pop culture-y Valentine's Day cards. I'll try not to be influenced on this list by the fact that I'm listening to "1989" for the third time in a row in one sitting, but no promises. (Could you imagine if you kept reading and I just was quoting lyrics the entire time?)

The Office, Dwight Shrute card by Oh Gosh Cindy

First of all, who doesn't want to look at Dwight's beautiful and creepy face on Valentine's Day? This card is perfect because it works interchangeably for your sweetheart or your best friend. Or both!

Katy Perry Left Shark card by Chaberkern

There's no better way to prove to your loved one you're on the cutting edge than by giving them a valentine that's a pop culture reference from THE WEEK BEFORE. Incredible. (Okay, well, from 12 days before Valentine's Day, but it's still super topical and it'd be an amazing feat!)

Nicholas Cage valentine by TurtlesSoup

I don't need to tell you how special this card is. Just stare at it and let it into your soul and wonder why you aren't holding it in your arms right this very second.

Friends inspired "You're My Lobster" card by SuperCoolCards

I cannot with this card right now. I have a well-documented obsession with Friends and this card is perfect. First of all I love the black and red design (so sexy!), but also it just makes me think of that episode where we learn about being someone's lobster and it makes me feel all warm inside (and really want that outfit Rachel is wearing).


Star Wars Lando card by Castle McQuade

No words necessary. The card speaks for itself. The punnery is basically everything you could ever need in a Valentine's Day card and more.

Super Nintendo card by TurtlesSoup

There is no greater joy than cozying up and playing some video games. And being Player 2 is a big responsibility. If you love the '90s or just love video games, this is the card for you. (Even though I was a Sega girl.)

Leslie Knope card by DrunkGirlDesigns

No greater thing has come out of Parks & Recreation than Galentine's Day. (Okay, fine, I love most things that show has given us but this one is tops!) Give this to your best gal, and always say "uteruses before duderuses."

Drake card by PabloPanda

The Grammys are right before Valentine's Day, and what better way to combine the two than with a Drake valentine? I have about 10000000000 friends who would LOVE this. (Though I'd like it better if it were Jimmy from Degrassi. . .)