Credit: Parkwood Records

There’s a police officer in Virginia who isn’t just good at fighting crime and giving out speeding tickets, he’s also a good dancer. Like, Beyoncé backup dancer good.

Lieutenant Deuntay Diggs showed off his moves when he surprised Virginia’s North Stafford High School by getting into formation. In front of the entire school at their pep rally on Friday, Diggs danced to Beyoncé’s “Formation,” and he SLAYED. He even had all of the exact choreography from the music video down, because sometimes life is just good to us.

Naturally, the teenage crowd went absolutely CRAZY when they heard the music start. But when Diggs began performing Beyoncé’s choreography, they completely lost their minds — in the best way, of course.

And a better angle…

Diggs told BuzzFeed that he’s the first openly gay deputy to attend the Virginia Military Institute, and also the first openly gay officer to serve at the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office — which he is obviously very proud of. As he should be. He performed the dance at a benefit back in August, and said he learned all the moves by watching the video over and over again.

So basically, he’s just like every Beyoncé fan ever.

This video has entered our lives at the exact right time. Not only is today Monday and super draggy, but it’s been an intense few weeks (months) in the world. So watching a grown ass man — a cop, no less — rock it to Beyoncé is actually healing our souls. Seriously, just watch this man dance without smiling the entire time.

We’re so happy Diggs is out and proud and willing to show off his moves for the entire world (even if he didn’t intend for the entire world to see them).