Trilby Beresford
Updated Aug 30, 2016 @ 12:30 pm
Pokemon Go
Credit: Getty

Okay, so we knew that Pokémon Go was popular and everything, but apparently some players got so involved in the game that they utilized third-party tracking apps in order to find Pokémons faster! Those players were then banned by Niantic Labs for violating the terms of use and integrity of the game.


Oh, you didn’t know that it was possible to be banned either? Now we don’t feel so silly! But anyway, there’s been an update to the situation.

According to a statement from Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke, a small group of players who just tested add-on map technology will be unbanned going forward. But those who used “GPS-spoofing technology [to falsify their location]” or tools which scrape data and threaten the safety of their servers, will remain banned.

And well, it doesn’t end there.

“Accounts which used apps or websites to remotely capture Pokémon, battle or deploy on Gyms, or harvest resources from PokéStops are also not being unbanned.”

And that makes perfect sense to us! It’s all about playing nice, or not playing at all. As they say in their statement:

“Our main priority is to provide a fair, fun, and legitimate experience for all players, so aggressive banning will continue to occur for players who engage in these kinds of activities.”


So, for those who play Pokémon Go (i.e. a ton of people) just make sure you’re not doing anything sketchy (and watch those third-party mapping aps), and you should be fine.