Rachel Paige
October 12, 2015 10:59 am

Big Pretty Little Liars news today. But then again, even tiny little PLL news is sometimes Earth shattering.

The second half of Season 6 might not return until January, but we’re already prepping ourselves for the return to Rosewood. It appears, so are the Liars. At New York Comic Con this past weekend, along with a panel at PaleyFest in New York, the stars and creators of the show dropped some secrets for us. They also dropped the first four minutes of the brand new season which find our Liars scattered all across the country. CeCe (hey, she’s A!) is up for release and Alison sends out a hand-written note to all her BFFs.

Sasha Pieterse explains that she’s, “asking the girls to basically come back and approve of Charlotte’s trial to be let out as a normal citizen, which is hard, obviously, it brings a lot of turmoil back.” Yeah, like five and a half seasons worth of turmoil and torture.

“It’s interesting to see how all the girls handle each other again because they’re all totally different people now,” she said. “This is really their first time coming together again. So it’s surreal and it’s dark and it’s twisted and it’s hard to deal with.”

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Spencer is in Washington D.C. and has bangs. Hanna is jet setting across the country, and clearly her maternal clock is ticking (and WHERE is CALEB?). Emily has taken to a tropical location where she serves piña colada. As for Aria, she now works in publishing and looks to be promoting a book (but is it HER book?). That’s when she spots a copy of Ezra Fitzgerald’s latest, and can’t help but stare at the picture of him on the back cover. Five years in the future, Aria and Fitz are totally donezo.

“That’s what happens, you break up with the person you love, you go in different directions, and so I don’t really know what their contact was in those five years,” Lucy Hale later told People. “I want to say they probably didn’t talk at all, because there is a scene in an episode back where she realizes he’s back in town and you can tell there’s still that butterflies-in-her-stomach feeling.”

When the show picks back up, there aren’t any hard feelings between the two of them and describes their new relationship as a “mature friendship.”

The show will also pick back up before that tease at the end of Season 6A — the one where they’re all trying to get away from a mysterious “He.” We’re going to see that slowly unfold once every one returns. And then it’ll be back to PLL’s regular twists and turns and driving us absolutely crazy every single Tuesday.

We’ve still got a ways to wait till it’s back, but not too long. Pretty Little Liars returns on January 12th, 2016.

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