Rachel Paige
Updated Feb 11, 2015 @ 11:28 am

Feast your eyes and ears upon this beauty — there’s a brand new Pitch Perfect 2 trailer. Don’t worry, it lives up to our highest Pitch Perfect 2 expectations, and then some. It’s got singing. It’s got dancing. It’s got corde lisse, aka rope acrobatics. It’s got President Obama. It’s also got all the girls back for the second round of this ACAmazing movie.

The trailer also gives us a little bit more info regarding the plot. The girls wind up suspended after a little mishap at a signing event. The only way for the Bellas to return to their former glory is if they win the Acapella World(!) Championships (and beat the super intimidating European team in the process). Piece of cake, right?

You’re going to need to check out the trailer at least a dozen times to get the full effect of all the Pitch Perfect feels. Here’s the wide range of emotions I went through, from joy, to laughter, to tears of pure happiness. This trailer is perfect and these are the thoughts I thought while watching it 975 times.

The trailer opens with Fat Amy (or do we call her Patricia now?) singing Miley’s “Wrecking Ball.” This is already my favorite movie of all time.

Is Elizabeth Banks’ hairdo a pixie cut? I kinda really dig it.

I also really dig that she directed this movie.

The, “We have a commando situation,” makes me laugh SO HARD because the Bellas are performing for the Commander in Chief. It’s just so many giggles.

Also everyone’s reaction to Fat Amy’s commando situation is even more giggles.

Aaaaand, this is why the Bellas are suspended, which is a bummer. But we know they can pull through, right? I feel like they’ve already stared down worse things.

Take a moment to really think about the fact that the European champions — an acapella group from Germany — appear to be performing on stage with a bunch of Volkswagens.

Was that planned? Is that a hilarious visual joke? Yes.

Even the German team’s name, “The Sound Machine” is kind of frightening. The Sound Machine vs. The Barden Bellas? Oh no.

Now here’s a serious question, white gloves, who wore it better? Fat Amy, or Amal Clooney?

In a perfect world, Fat Amy would call out Amal for stealing her “thing.” It needs to happen.

This underlying background music has the best beat I’ve heard in a long time. I feel INVINCIBLE watching this trailer.

That European team is literally terrifying. And yes, their accents HAVE gotten thicker over the course of the conversation.

Wondering if it’s ok to use “World War II. Boom!” As a burn from here on out. If Becca can do it . . .

Now, we’ve reached the first time I start crying during this trailer. This slumber party line-up gives me all the feels.

Now the Bellas are talking about how much they’ll miss each other after they graduate, and it’s hard NOT to cry thinking about that.

So yeah, this is the second time I start crying during the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer.

Annnnnd now I’m thinking about the friends from college I miss. Those weirdos.

Best line of the trailer goes to Fat Amy: “They’re going to look at us, Team USA, and be like, why is the most talented one Australian?” It’s a really good question.

I also completely forget that Jesse and Benji are in this movie. They appear for .5 seconds during the trailer, and that’s completely ok. The girls are running this show. (But it’s still nice to see their adorable and supportive faces.)

Now the trailer tells us that “The World Gets Pitch Slapped.”

Fun fact: Pitch Perfect was almost called “Pitch Slapped” but they didn’t think the studio would go for that title.

I know that because I aspire to be the designated Pitch Perfect historian. Like that could be my job title one day.

The trailer ends with the girls singing Bey’s “Run the World.” Who run the world? Actually, it’s the Bellas. And girls.

Then the trailer ends, and you want there to be so much more Pitch Perfect. And you want to be a Barden Bella. And maybe you want to be Becca specifically. So you do what I did and you watch the trailer on an endless loop for eva eva.


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