Gina Mei
Updated May 14, 2015

Pitch Perfect fever is abound, and with the highly-anticipated sequel coming out tomorrow, it only makes sense that YouTube channel Screen Junkies would honor everyone’s favorite musical movie with an Honest Trailer. And the results are aca-awesome.

For those less familiar, the Honest Trailer series pokes fun at popular, well-loved films and reimagines them in a much more straight-forward light. In some ways, it’s the movie trailer equivalent of a Comedy Central roast, and nothing is left unscathed— but it’s all in good fun, and Screen Junkies even teases itself at the end just to show they can take it like they dish it.

In this particular video, Screen Junkies calls out Beca (played by Anna Kendrick) for her bad attitude, and then the somewhat one-dimensional nature of each of the other Barden Bellas (for how much we love all of them, we can admit that the movie definitely plays on some stereotypes). Perhaps most notably, the trailer also points out some of the cheap jokes in the film, and sarcastically reassures us “if you think it’s mean-spirited and lazy to laugh at a girl for being fat, don’t worry: she does it to herself, so it’s totally OK.” It goes without saying that “Fat Amy” was probably one of the best parts of the film, but let’s be clear: that’s because Rebel Wilson is a comedy queen and she crushed it, not because of the jokes at her expense.

The video only gets better from there. The trailer also comments on just how unrealistic Barden University is (those dorm rooms!), especially given the fact that acapella groups are respected and adored to the extent that they are. (Although, thanks to shows like Glee and groups like Pentatonix, I’d argue the tide has shifted on that joke.)

Basically, the video is a good time all-around. It even addresses just how excessive the whole “aca-[word]” thing gets in the movie — but personally, I almost spat my drink out at “Starring: Anna Kendrick Lamar.” Check it out for yourself below, and watch more Honest Trailers on Screen Junkies’ YouTube channel right here.

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