Jill Layton
June 01, 2016 3:08 pm
Universal Pictures

Pitch Perfect 3 was originally set to grace theaters with its glorious musical presence in August 2017, but last month the release date was moved up to July 21, 2017. And that meant great things for us fans, because we’d get to see the aca-sequel even earlier than we anticipated!

But that celebration has been cut short, because another announcement has just been made shifting the release date one more time. Universal Pictures has moved the release date to December 22, 2017 — just in time for Christmas. Or #Pitchmas. Chances are the studio is hoping for the Christmas crowd to boost sales as much as possible. We will do what we can, studio!

This date change may feel like a lifetime away, but just think — in two holiday seasons, you’ll probably forget about the movie altogether, and then it’ll just pop up out of no where, and it’ll be the best Christmas/late Hanukkah present ever! Better late than never. Or at least we’ll continue telling ourselves that.

Universal Pictures/ giphy.com