We all knew “Pitch Perfect 2” was going to be big (because the Bellas captured our hearts forever and evermore in the first film), but it turns out the sequel is having a monster-big opening weekend.

USA Today reports that the movie is going to pull in an estimated $70.3 million this weekend, handily beating the other big opening film “Mad Max: Fury Road”(clocking in at $44.4 million), and also beating out “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (coming in at $38.8 million) which has been out in theaters for a few weeks. Also, note that “Pitch Perfect 2” just made in ONE WEEK more than what the original “Pitch Perfect” made over its ENTIRE RUN ($65 million).

This is great news for both lady movies AND musicals. We’re hoping to get a lot more of both in the future as a result of this major victory.

Well played, “Pitch Perfect 2,” well played.