Carly Lane
May 11, 2015 9:21 am

German DJ and producer Flula Borg is well-known around YouTube for his wacky persona and his pretty sick beats. When it was announced he’d be lending his unique talents to the cast of Pitch Perfect 2, we were all wondering exactly what his role would entail.

Given what we know so far from teases in the trailer, he’s going to be playing a co-leader of a rival German a cappella group competing against our girls, the Barden Bellas. But from the looks of things, Flula’s not just stopping at sharing his skills on screen.

The YouTube personality sat down with several of his Pitch Perfect 2 castmates in a video to promote the film, wherein he requested they lend their own voices so that he could compile them into the perfect song. The tune, dubbed “Hot Jam,” is a perfect mashup of everyone from Anna Kendrick to Rebel Wilson to Elizabeth Banks and Hailee Steinfeld.

This is a song you’re not going to find on the official soundtrack, but it does leave us wondering exactly what a collaboration from the entire cast would look like if the Bellas ever decided to duet with the Treblemakers.

We’re not saying this could surpass “Cups” in terms of viral popularity, but it’s a great little hint at what’s to come when Pitch Perfect 2 drops on May 15.

[Featured image via Flula/YouTube.]