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Kids today. They can’t just ride a ride and have it be a ride, they need it to be immersive, and scary, and also go upside down, and maybe get wet. While Pirates of the Caribbean has three of the above (you don’t go upside down on it…not yet), the ride just took a big step towards moving into the new age. Because if you don’t get your picture taken on the ride, did you even ride?

Disney World has announced that now when you ride Pirates of the Caribbean, the’ll be an in-ride photo. Because, of course. In-ride photos are nothing new for Disney (either -land or World) but usually they’re reserved for the more “intense” rides when an image will be snapped as you’re freaking the F out about to go through a loop.

But now, you’ll get your picture taken on Pirates of the Caribbean. According to the Disney Parks Blog, “as you prepare to exit a haunted grotto and dive into the Golden Age of Piracy, a Disney PhotoPass camera will capture the perfect treasure of your swashbuckling voyage.” That translates to: just before you go down the drop on Pirates, look for the flash.

Also, welp, there goes the element of surprise.

Disney has released a mockup of the image, so this is what you’ll look like. Perfect for a family Christmas card of just you, your relatives, and maybe like 10-15 complete strangers in the boat with you!!

Credit: Disney

This image will be automatically loaded onto your MagicBand, so be sure you’re wearing an active MagicBand next time you board Pirates.

There’s nothing wrong with an in-ride photo, but Pirates is one of the last remaining Disney attractions that still really has that old time-y charm to it. While Captain Jack Sparrow has been added, and the ride has gone through a few updates, it’s still very much the same thing that opened all the way back in 1973. It’ll still be the same ride with a photo, just with this new photo it feels…a little too millennial-y.