Jill Layton
Updated Jun 06, 2016 @ 11:19 am
Credit: Instagram/Pink

Pink’s daughter Willow turned five over the weekend, and her mom got her the coolest cake ever — Mars with Matt Damon dressed as an astronaut sitting on top. Because the only thing better than the real Matt Damon is pastry Matt Damon.

Pink wrote, “Matt Damon made it after all.”

A Matt Damon cake is obviously a unique choice for a 5-year-old, but it makes sense considering Willow absolutely loves The Martian, aka the 2015 Oscar-nominated film in which Matt Damon starred in (if you haven’t seen it yet, YOU NEED TO RENT IT RIGHT NOW).

Back in April, Pink appeared on Sydney’s Kyle and Jackie O Show where she talked about plans for her daughter’s birthday celebration.

“Her favorite movie is The Martian with Matt Damon,” Pink said. “It’s good. She loves it. I love it. I thought it was great but I don’t love it the way she loves it.”

So naturally, Willow’s fifth birthday party would be themed around the science-fiction movie. “She asked me if Matt Damon can come to the party,” she said. “I think she has a crush.” Awwww.

And who could blame her? It’s Matt Damon.

Pink also posted this pic with a sweet birthday message for Willow, “Happy birthday baby girl. I carry your heart with me.”