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Pink has been making headlines recently after it was announced that she was the newest UNICEF Ambassador fighting to end child malnutrition. However, last night on Jimmy Fallon all eyes were on her daughter. Jimmy met four-year-old Willow backstage and was overwhelmed by how adorable and polite she was — but that’s not all.

Pink says that if her daughter was a cereal she’d be called “nutty delicious.” That’s not just because she’s too cute, it’s also because she’s kind of a badass. At age four (four and a half, to be specific), Willow is already participating in extreme sports like motocross and aerial silks, and Jimmy has the pictures to prove it.

While motocross is clearly a passion she got from her father, the talent for aerial silks is all Pink. The star has been known for climbing and hanging off of silks and ropes on stage, and Willow clearly was inspired to do some adventuring of her own.

Words could never do the awesome photos justice, so watch below to see this nutty-delicious daughter in action:

(Image via YouTube)