Bethany Biron
Updated Mar 04, 2017 @ 9:22 am
Credit: minicase/Shutterstock

We hope you’re prepared, because it looks like we’ve got another dress situation on our hands. Twitter is going crazy over this photo of strawberries , because no one is sure if it’s red or grey.

Listen, we’ve all been here before, and we need you to remain calm. If you recall, the whole dress situation left us all basically sleepless, with everyone in the world weighing in on what the darn color of the dress was. These strawberries may not spur quite the same outrage, insistence, and bad blood, but seriously, they SHOULD:

Here is the polarizing photo of the strawberries in question:

Several people shared their thoughts on the matter last night, with a wide array of opinions. The photo was shared by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, an experimental psychologist who studies visual illusions. Here’s the original image:

Now here’s where it gets crazy: Your brain is lying to you if you’re seeing red in the filtered top photo.

Kitaoka took the image of strawberries and used an “alpha blending method” using pixels with a bluish coloring, which led to the madness. The viewers that are seeing red strawberries are experiencing an optical illusion generated by the blue color in the background. In reality, the image uses ZERO red pixels.

This is what Twitter had to say about the matter:

Bevil Conway, an expert on visual perception at the National Eye Institute, explained to Motherboard that this is another example of the different ways human experience color.

The brain’s sneaky method of correcting an image under different lighting is called “color constancy.”

Of course, there’s a lot more science to it than that:

Crazy stuff. If you want to check out more optical illusions, head over to Kitaoka’s Twitter feed.