Um, is Peter Jackson directing a ‘Doctor Who’ episode?

ICYMI, over the weekend Peter Jackson announced that he may be directing a Doctor Who episode. Kind of . . . Maybe?

Honestly, we’re not quite sure at the moment because his “announcement” came in the form of a comedic video that mysteriously lacks a direct confirmation. The clip starts off with Jackson and his daughter sitting at a table. The director is polishing his collection of Oscars (because why not?) when his daughter mentions that her father hasn’t replied to Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat’s e-mails. Jackson responds by saying that the producer’s messages are practically incoherent, which makes sense because he’s constantly working on Sherlock and Doctor Who.

While the father and daughter are talking, Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi just casually walks into their home – as one does. He then rushes up to Jackson and urges him to quickly sign a BBC contract. The director brushes him off as another crazy Whovian and, in the end, Capaldi is chased out by a Dalek.

However, Jackson also has a bookmarked copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion on his table, along with a The Hobbit mug. And right after Capaldi leaves, Jackson and his daughter realize that it’s Doctor Who night, which is important because they want to watch The Walking Dead on another channel. Now this is very confusing – especially since Jackson actually displays Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor Who costume in his home for everyone to see, so he is clearly a Whovian. (These are some serious mixed messages here, people.)

Jackson’s sketch was posted on his Facebook page with this cryptic caption: “This was an interesting weekend . . .” The official Doctor Who Facebook page replied with an equally enigmatic comment: “The Doctor’s certainly come to the right place!”

What does it all mean?? Can someone please just fill us in!

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