Alim Kheraj
March 16, 2017 5:59 am
Steve Granitz/WireImage

There’s speculation going around on social media that R&B singer Tinashe blew up a record label after releasing “Flame,” her new single.

The whole thing began after Tinashe announced that she was releasing brand new music this week. The singer has been embroiled in a long battle with her record label, RCA Records, over the release of her much delayed album Joyride, which was originally meant for release in 2015.

In fact, earlier this year Tinashe said that she believed that that her label were ignoring her in favour of more high profile artists, and spoke to Lena Dunham about the sexism she’s encountered in the music industry. Recalling one particular writing and recording session, Tinashe said that she felt like her voice wasn’t being heard.

Well, it seems that some of the waiting for Joyride might be over, as last night Tinashe shared her brand new song “Flame.”

The track begins as a moody R&B bop, before shifting in a Carly Rae Jepsen-esque ’80s uptempo melancholic banger. Listen to “Flame” below.

Following the release of the track, however, things began to get complicated… A spoof account for the Associated Press shared the following tweet.

This lead to a whole bunch of people on social media assuming that Tinashe was responsible in some way, shape, or form for the fire at RCA Records.

Indeed, people started sharing Joanne the Scammer memes.

Of course, RCA Records wasn’t actually on fire, and Tinashe wasn’t responsible for burning down her record label. In fact, the whole thing is a big internet hoax and joke.

Meanwhile, the singer has since spoken to GQ about her delayed album Joyride.

“The good thing that fans should be excited about is that the album is just getting better and better,” she said. “It’s not sitting in limbo, it’s being improved upon and growing all the time.”

Tbh, if “Flame” is any indication of what to expect, we can’t wait!

“Flame” is available to download and stream now.