Bianca Heyward
Updated Sep 02, 2016 @ 4:56 pm
Credit: Warner Bros.

It appears He Who Must Not Be Named has been reincarnated — in the body of a monkey. This tiny animal was born at Paignton Zoo in Devon, U.K., and is already giving us nightmares. Harry Potter’s arch nemesis is every bit as terrifying in monkey form as he is in Slytherin form.

See for yourself:


The monkey was born via a C-section, which is very rare. This was the first time the zoo has ever performed such procedure on a primate. Ghislaine Sayers, the head of veterinary services at Paignton Zoo, told the Mirror, “We have only done three C-sections here in the last 16 years. Jo, our surgeon on this occasion, has performed them on dogs, cats, cows, and sheep before – but never a primate.”

I’m willing to bet the snakes in that zoo are about to get MUCH stronger. Whether or not they have escaped whatever cages they are in to be closer to their master has yet to be revealed.

Jokes aside, the newborn and the mother are in good health. But, really, the resemblance is uncanny. Between the slit nostrils, the eyes, the shape of the skull…it’s quite striking! Talk about a cursed child!