Pitch Perfect 2 is now officially in the works and it’s aca-bout time. It’s been two years since the crazy ensemble cast made the film a surprise hit—and inspired about seven million different videos of people singing that damn “Cups” song.

So what could make Pitch Perfect any more, well, perfect? How about casting one of the hottest musical sensations around as the Barden Bellas’ obnoxious rival?

That’s right: our favorite real-life a cappella group, Pentatonix, was recently announced as one of the film’s featured a cappella groups. Everything is awesome and nothing hurts.

Here’s why this is amazing news. First off, it’s Pentatonix for god’s sake. Have you heard their Daft Punk medley? It might be the best thing you’ll ever experience in your entire life (even my two-year-old nephew jams out to it). In addition to their famous take on the pop duo, Pentatonix has also produced a number of other albums chock full of remixes like Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” and Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive.”

In their big screen debut, the talented quintet—made up of members Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Avi Kaplan, Kirstie Maldonado, and Kevin Olusola—will be playing rival competitors who “offer threatening competition to the Bellas’ well-oiled machine,” states Entertainment Weekly. “We’re wearing some pretty interesting things,” Hoying tells EW. “You can definitely tell it’s the five of us, but what we’re wearing and who we’re portraying is definitely not Pentatonix.”


Though the group will not be playing themselves, they did get to arrange their own music for the 12-hour shoot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “They gave us a song, and we arranged it and sent it back, expecting them to say, ‘You need to change this, this, and this.’ But they came back and said, ‘Great, that’s it!’ That was really cool,” Hoying recounts. So no “Pentatonix,” but plenty of Pentatonix sound. That’s cool with me.

Of course, in typical Pentatonix fashion, the group remains humbly in awe of it all. “Anna Kendrick came up to me on set and said, ‘Me and my roommate watch your Vines!’ and Skylar Astin came up at the premiere and said, ‘I am the biggest fan of Pentatonix,” says Hoying. “It’s just crazy to think that Pentatonix has developed this following where celebrities know who we are.”

Can’t wait to hear the wondrous mixes of the Fab Five? Head over to their website where you can hear a huge sampling of their hits (seriously, every song is a hit) and read up on their latest news and appearance schedule. You can also catch a preview of their dazzling theatrics here.

. . . Is it 2015 yet?

Featured image via PTX Official. Images via EW/Universal Pictures and PTX Official.