You might have heard the yelps and giggles of joy earlier when it was announced that Pee-wee’s next movie will premiere on Netflix. You might be thinking that this is old news, but it is NOT. What you’re thinking of before was just the rumor that Pee-wee’s movie was coming to our favorite streaming site, and now this is the official announcement. We’re excited. You’re excited. Everyone is excited. Someone strike up the Puppetland band.

According to the official Netflix/Pee-wee release — which claims that “bowtie is the new black” — the movie will start shooting in March and will be titled, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday. Paul Reuben, Pee-wee himself, and Judd Apatow, producer/writer/director extraordinaire, are the producers behind the project. Reuben and Paul Rust wrote the project. John Lee will direct the project. Oh, do you need some more reasons to be excited about this movie?

The plot is magical

From the press release: In Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, a fateful meeting with a mysterious stranger inspires Pee-wee Herman to take his first-ever holiday in this epic story of friendship and destiny. How can you not already be excited??

It’s been 30 years since the first Pee-wee movie

Sorry if you now feel a little bit old, but we all should really feel like Pee Wee, who is forever young at heart. But yeah, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure was released in 1985. Now it’s 2015. It’s about time.

It’s been 14 years since Pee-wee’s Playhouse went off the air

That was in 1991, and now it seems like we’ve been living in a Pee-wee void for far too long.

Think of all the cameos!

Way back when, many big-name stars today weren’t big name stars when they hung out with Pee-wee. I’m of course talking Laurence Fishburne, who played Cowboy Curtis, and Natasha Lyonne, who played Opal (that’s the picture above, of a little tiny Natasha). There was also an episode where Jimmy Smits popped up and played “Your authorized conky repairman.” Bring all of these characters back right now please.

OK, there are already casting rumors

According to Big Holiday‘s IMDB page, there are already two “rumored” cast members involved in the project: Lynne Marie Stewart, playing Miss Yvonne, and then John Paragon, playing Jambi/Pterri. Considering that Big Holiday started off as nothing more than a rumor at first, we can count on these two showing up, right?

There will probably be roughly a million people in this movie

Everyone loves Pee-wee — that is a fact. So everyone is going to try their hardest to get involved with the movie somehow, right? Also, you can only assume that Apatow is going to bring along some of his posse, too. Too much to ask for Lena Dunham to make a quick appearance?

There’s no way not to be excited about this

Pee-wee is always excited. He basically talks in ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME and it’s hard to not have a wave of happy emotions rush over you as you scroll through Pee-we’s Twitter feed and you just know he is so excited about EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. AHHHH. (You got that I was yelling AHHH just like Pee Wee, right?)

The whole family can see it

As kids, we grew up watching Pee-wee’s Play House. As adults. . .yup, we’re still watching it. It’s just one of those things that’s completely OK to still wholeheartedly love as a grownup. Pee-wee is never going to go out of style, and his crazy jokes and antics will never grow old — even if we do.

Really feel like Chairry would be the perfect person (eh, thing?) to watch TV with, you know?

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