Rachel Paige
Updated July 22, 2015 5:51 am

What do you do when Paula Abdul stops by your late night talk show? Well, if you’re James Corden, you decided that the best use of your time would be to recreate Abdul’s 1989 iconic music video for “Opposites Attract.” So that’s just what Abdul and Corden did last night on The Late Late Show, with Corden stepping into the role of cartoon creation MC Skat Kat.

First, though, you need to re-watch the original “Opposites Attract” video to really appreciate this magnificent new version. Also, this will give you an excuse to witness Abdul dance (and romance) a talking, singing, dancing, animated “cool” cat. Back in the ’80s, music videos were clearly way different and way awesome. And this one has held a very special place in our hearts all this time. Mostly for the use of Skat Kat, who — fun fact — was drawn by Disney animators in their off time from work. Two more fun facts? Skat Kat has his own Wikipedia page AND his own album, as he should.

OK, but now let’s get back to this Abdul and Corden version. For starters, Corden dresses up as a giant MC Skat Kat. He not only lip-sync all the words, but he knows all the dance moves, too. Someone needs to get him on Lip Sync Battle like, yesterday.

As for Abdul, after all these years, she’s still got the moves, as she and Corden recreate the best scenes from the video, singing and dancing across the stage. Check out the full video below, which we will probably watch roughly 30 times today.

(Image Via YouTube.)