Rachel Paige
Updated Jul 14, 2015 @ 10:40 am

Paul Rudd is a pretty great guy. So is Jimmy Fallon. When two great guys get together, it’s only natural they play a fun game where the outcome could be, “chug gravy.” And, that’s exactly what happened when Rudd stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

The two play a friendly game of Drinko, which is just like The Price is Right‘s Plinko, but instead of winning money, you have to chug a beverage. Basically the same thing.

The drink options span from things that sounds delicious, like Tang and beer, to some more questionable options, like pickle juice and bacon soda. Tou can see how this game can go very wrong very quickly, especially when you have to drink wherever the other play’s Drinko peg lands.

Rudd’s first Drinko leaves Fallon chugging some peppermint schnapps. Not too bad.

Fallon’s first Drinko drop has Rudd chugging everyone’s favorite drink: gravy.

But you know? Rudd’s up for it. He seems like a really good dude. He’s going to play Scott Lang in Ant-Man. He played the guy who married Phoebe on Friends. He played the guy fell in love with Cher in Clueless. He fell in love (we hope it’s an IRL bromance) with Jason Segel in I Love You Man. So if Rudd is tasked with drinking some cold gravy, he’s going to do it. Because that’s just the kind of guy he is.

Though he might not enjoy the experience, the faces he makes while drinking gravy are priceless, and I’m currently hanging them around my room so I can remember them forever.

You can check out the full glorious clip below. And don’t worry, before the end of the game Fallon is forced to drink a gravy/tequila concoction, too.

[Images via YouTube]