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After seven episodes basking in the froyo-glow of the Good Place, we finally know more about the Bad Place. Eleanor just confessed to being a fraud and that she wasn’t supposed to end up in the Good Place at all. After giving her several tests and reviewing her level of terribleness on Earth, he decides to send her to the Bad Place.

Michael calls someone (his neighborhood architect counterpart in the Bad Place, presumably) to come pick up Eleanor on the very train Michael was support to board on his way to “retirement” aka the “Eternal Shriek.” The voice is familiar, but he sounds like a major d-bag.

Guess who!

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When a black train rolls up to collect Eleanor, guess who steps off? ADAM. FORKING. SCOTT.

Yep, longtime buddy of creator Mike Schur and Leslie Knope’s soulmate, Ben Wyatt, has just joined the cast of The Good Place, and my heart just grew eight sizes.

Oh HELL no

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Scott plays Trevor, who is unsurprisingly terrible, since he’s a representative for the Bad Place. He rushes Eleanor onto the train so he doesn’t miss the rose ceremony on The Bachelor, he pranks Michael with a peanut can filled with fiery snakes, and worst of all, he tells Eleanor she should smile more. Barf.

Once she’s on the train, Trevor only gets worse. He gets on the speaker and announces that there will be tons of stops to pick up… nobody, that it’s already hot on the train and will get one degree hotter every time Eleanor thinks about how hot it is, and that the food car is all the way in the back, serving only room temperature clam chowder, and oh yeah, is closed. It’s exactly like you’d picture a train ride to Hell to go.

What’s next?

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After Chidi begs Michael to let Eleanor stay, Michael pulls Eleanor off the train just in time. But this issue is far from resolved, and Trevor even brings out the real Eleanor – the one who should actually be in the Good Place.

So hopefully we’ll be seeing much more of Trevor, and eventually we might get a peek at what the Bad Place is actually like.

My fingers are crossed that there are more Parks and Rec cameos to come.