Alim Kheraj
April 04, 2017 1:36 am

It seems that she’s taken some of her father’s songs to heart, as Paris Jackson has vowed to use her platform to fight for equal rights, and we’ll support this campaign anyway we can.

Despite having the King of Pop as her father, Paris Jackson has been fairly coy about stepping into the spotlight. The 19-year-old made quite the splash at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, and gave a frank and beautifully honest interview with Rolling Stone magazine in which she discussed her past troubles with substance abuse and her aspirations. What’s more, Jackson has also made her foray into acting, and recently guest-starred in Fox’s musical drama Star.

Part of why we totally love Paris, however, is that she’s not afraid to speak out and support others, which is why we can’t get enough of her speech at the Fashion Los Angeles Daily Awards.

Paris was picking up the Emerging Talent award when decided to dedicate her speech to the “voiceless.”

During her speech, Paris said that she would use her platform to fight for those without such a privilege, and that she would continue to fight the good fight.

Continuing, Paris noted that just looking out into the crowd she could see that if everyone used the platform to do something they could insight real change.

“The glamour is awesome, the designer clothes are awesome, the fashion, everything is so cool – but there is so much more,” she said. “There are so many important things that we need to be using our voices for and everybody in this room has that power.” 

Quoting John Lennon, Jackson then ended her speech saying, “So let’s stick together and stick it to the man.”

Watch Paris Jackson’s speech below.

Paris also recently hit back at trolls who made a comments about her weight, responding with the greatest reply ever. What a boss!

Seriously, given how young she is we can’t wait to see what Paris Jackson achieves, and we’re so excited to see what she gets up to moving forward. One thing is for certain — we’re with her!