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Climate change is getting more serious by the day, and even our fav reality stars are getting in on the action. Just in time for April Fool’s, we get a funny gag with a heart of gold from Paris Hilton, who is jokingly selling tiny bottles of sparkling water.

A video just popped up (conveniently right before April Fool’s Day) featuring the hotel heiress. While dressed to the nines, Paris endorses a product that claims to be a breakthrough in nano technology — the NanoDrop. This tiny bottle claims to be 5,000 times more hydrating than regular sparkling water. Even Paris thinks it’s a great accessory for a night out.

The campaign was created and overseen by the Allenby Concept House and director Ohav Flantz. According to AdWeek, Paris Hilton was a big fan of the idea.

Watch Paris Hilton bring on the comedy…

While the premise is pretty funny, the ad highlights an important issue. According to The Water Project:

And until we can switch to sustainable solutions, that number just keeps getting bigger.

Luckily, Paris Hilton’s joke campaign is ACTUALLY an add for a potentially litter-reducing product: SodaStream machines. SodaStream makes sparkling water (and other bubbly drinks) in your own home, cutting down plastic waste.

But we kinda wish “The Paris Hilton Institute” was a real thing.

In addition to being a style icon and reality television pioneer, Paris is now saving our planet. After all, when your catch phrase is “that’s hot”, it makes sense that you tackle global warming!