Rebecca Vineyard
September 21, 2015 6:47 am

A rumpled parcel was delivered in Australia this week, and it isn’t any wonder it looks worse for wear: It was sent 40 years ago.

According to Mashable, Irene Garrett of Melbourne received a pretty surprising package in the mail: A packet of embroidered uniform patches meant for the Viewbank Tennis Club. The club believes they were ordered at some point in the mid-1970s, and while the postman who delivered the package wasn’t sure what had happened to it, the oily envelope makes it seem as though it perhaps fell behind a piece of machinery and stayed there for a number of decades.

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Surprisingly, the contents of the envelope were in pristine condition despite the tattered exterior. Mrs. Garrett told Fox Sports that she had completely forgotten about the patches but that, because she was the addressee, she likely placed the order for them herself. Other members of the club at that time remembered having patches, so she believes they must have placed another order when the first did not arrive.

Mrs. Garrett shared with Fox Sports her belief that it’s lucky she’s lived in the same house all this time; otherwise, the package might still be undelivered. She gave the patches to the tennis club, which has used them as an opportunity to reconnect with old members and swap stories about the club’s history.

Club secretary Sonja Terpstra says, “(The parcel) could have just been thrown in the bin but it’s great that people are so honest to say ‘we found something’ and deliver it.”

The Australia Post apologized for the mix-up, telling Mashable Australia: “Australia Post takes great pride in the timely, safe and efficient delivery of mail and we are confident that the vast majority of mail and parcels arrive on time.”

They go on to say, “It is clear however, on this occasion, something went wrong 40 years ago. While we are pleased that the recipients are happy to have received the item, we are still investigating this very unique situation.”

While there is certainly some mystery still left in this story, those involved are happy the patches have finally been delivered. Ms. Terpstra says that they will likely be used in some way during the Viewbank Tennis Club’s 50th anniversary celebration. The celebration, which will occur in a few years, may feature some sort of raffle of the patches, or they may adorn some specially designed, retro uniforms — in which case we’d like to suggest that the patched arrived fashionably late!

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