Bridey Heing
Updated May 11, 2015 4:42 am

Supercuts are the gifts that keep on giving. There’s just something so funny about zeroing in on one, random signature move and seeing all of them in the same place. Whether it’s Don Draper saying, “What?” or Wes Anderson’s love of overhead shots, a supercut never fails to be hilarious.

And now we have one more supercut to love: Owen Wilson saying, “Wow!” YouTube user—and diehard Owen fan—Owenergy Studios has put together the complete roundup of Wilson being wowed, and it’s incredible. I’m so curious if he improvs the wows, or are they all scripted? Does his contract require a certain number of wows? How do the logistics work on the wow?

However it all shakes out, Wilson is the master of the three letter exclamation. For proof, spend two and half minutes watching the video HERE.

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