We have a full-length ‘Outlander’ trailer, people

One of the first things the new Outlander trailer tells us is that THE WAIT IS OVER. They couldn’t be more right. After completely blowing us away with the first half of its freshman season, Outlander finally returns — after what feels like FOREVER, aka about six months — in full force. Starz has given us a brand new trailer and it’s a whole two minutes long! Think that’s enough to last us until Outlander returns on April 4th?

The action picks up right where we last left our new favorite heroine, Claire, and her ever-dashing love Jamie — and quick reminder: the two are now married. Another quick reminder, Claire was just captured by Randall/Black Jack, but obviously Jamie is going to save her. But, this doesn’t mean there’s going to be a happily ever after for these two in the Scottish Highlands just yet. The preview tells us that “the epic story continues,” and that’s like the understatement of the century. Is there a word for something that’s a notch above epic? Why is this still four months away?

Fighting, explosions, torture, horseback riding, even more steamy romance scenes, and a kidnapped Jamie?? Outlander basically has it all. Check out the trailer below, so we can all count down to April 4th together.

Image via here.

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