Rachel Paige
February 20, 2015 5:55 am

The 87th Annual Academy Awards are this Sunday, and that means it’s time to look back on some of Oscars’ finest, long-forgotten moments. We’re talking about the dates, obviously. Over the years there have been PLENTY of insanely wonderful Oscar couples, but the best of them are the celebrity pairings we totally forgot about. And there have been so many. While we recognize that we’re not the first to round-up surprising Oscar couples from days of yore, we also recognize the NEED each year to be reminded of them. Because, dear lord, they were awesome.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr, 1989

Today, the idea of Carrie Bradshaw and Tony Stark dating is kind of weird. But in the late ’80s, they were THE couple. And we’re thankful for that because we have this kickass Oscar photo to stare way to long at.  Now we’re imagining an alternate timeline where there love is still going strong. Also, RDJ, that green ascot.

Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, 1989

Oh my gosh, real life Heathers but without all the murder and mayhem? Yes, it was real life. Veronica and J.D. were an item once upon a time in 1989, and the Oscar red carpet sealed the deal. I’m sorry, these two are pretty much the coolest kids in Oscar school.

Cher and Val Kilmer, 1984

So what if there was a 15 year age difference between these two? Age is just a number! While their relationship lasted less than a year, the two still managed to squeeze in a rad Oscar appearance. Fun fact: Cher wore braces on her teeth to the Oscars. Bold move. We like it. Even better fun fact: Meryl Streep introduced Val and Cher. ’80s Hollywood rules!.

Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis, 1992

There are many important things about this picture of Brad and Juliette, where to begin? Is it Juliette’ awesome hair, or her white satin gloves, or her dangly pearl necklace? Nope, actually it’s Brad’s gelled hair. Oh 1992, you were a wonderful year..

Madonna and Michael Jackson, 1991

Story goes that Madonna had just broken up with Warren Beatty (the two were in Dick Tracy together, if you fondly remember 1990). Madonna needed a date for the Oscars, and basically flipped through her contacts and casually asked Jackson if he wanted to go. He said yes.

Drew Barrymore and Edward Norton, 1999

These two met on the set of their movie, Everyone Says I Love You, and next thing you know they’re at the Oscars together. Norton was nominated for American History X (he didn’t win, whomp whomp).Still, pretty psyched this happened.

Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche, 1999

It’s hard to imagine a time before the perfect marriage of Ellen and Portia de Rossi. But yes, that time actually existed. Before Portia, Ellen dated Anne — and they even met at an Oscar Party. Also, matching sunglasses = awesome.

Drew Barrymore and Corey Feldman, 1989

This was the same year Dream a Little Dream came out, so yeah, we were pretty much obsessed with this moment.

Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey, 1987

Remember when Ferris Bueller and Baby hit the Oscar red carpet together? If you don’t, here’s how adorbs they were.

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