Bridey Heing
Updated May 08, 2015 @ 9:52 am

Season 3 of the hit show Orphan Black hasn’t wrapped up yet, but BBC America has announced that we’ll get another 10-episode season in 2016! Hooray! The network says they are, “thrilled to be moving forward with” the next season, and we couldn’t agree more!

To debrief for a hot second, Orphan Black is literally unreal. It is unlike any other show on television and Tatiana Maslany’s performance is the stuff dreams are made of. She plays clones, yes clones, which means that one amazing human literally plays five of the show’s main characters. It’s ok if you’re quietly whispering to yourself, “That’s amazing.” Because yes, that’s amazing. Also, one more season HOPEFULLY gives the Emmys one more opportunity to recognize Maslany with the award she so deserves. If you’re now asking, “why does she need an award?” Please reread the beginning of this paragraph and then mull over the fact that she hasn’t yet won (or even been nominated).

We’re not quite halfway through the current season, which will wrap up on June 20, so it’s hard to even imagine what could be coming in a fourth season! But we’re so glad that it’s coming back next year. Thank you, BBC, from all the members of the #CloneClub!

PS #CloneClub. If you need weekly doses of some Orphan Black debriefing, be sure to check out our clone MVP of the week.

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