Orphan Black Art and Sarah 303 WSJ

This week’s Orphan Black Clone Club MVP was hard to pin down. When I started this series, I wanted to just focus on our Leda clones, our Tatiana Maslanys. But this season has expanded its storytelling past the ladies on to an ever-growing cast of characters spread out across this world, so it’s only fair that the MVP nominations extend to the entire cast. This week’s MVP was hard to choose—Gracie almost made the cut—but Art is truly one of Clone Club’s Most Valuable Players.

This week on Orphan Black, Art helps Sarah track down one of Johannsen’s (Gracie’s father who impregnated her and Helena) former allies, who might have information on the Castor and Leda originals.

The more I thought about Art, the more I thought he deserved MVP status this week. Art was one of the first characters we meet who wasn’t of Sarah’s ‘ordinary world.’ She spent most of season 1 lying to him and most of season 2 making him babysit Helena. But every time she has needed support or his resources, he’s shown up. He may not give her what she wants, but he’s shown up. And before, it was hard to see why. Sure, Beth was his partner—that’s a very important and sacred bond between cops—and yes, Sarah has this unique ability to get people to do what she needs, but why else would Art still be so involved?

He drops the bomb on Sarah at a diner. He was in love with Beth. It wasn’t an expected revelation until he was right about to say it, but it makes his motivations all the more clear. “I turned my back on her when she needed me the most.” It’s why he hounded her so much after she shot Maggie Chen, why he covered for her both at the shooting and in the many meetings she ditched, and why he was following Sarah-as-Beth until he caught up with her. Art is finally processing his grief, finally coming to the realization that Beth is gone, so he’s filling the void with Sarah. And how hard is it to help her so much when she looks like the woman he loved and lost? But her life is dangerous; his distractions could get him fired and his job is what makes him MVP of actual Clone Club (not just fandom clone club): they need a cop on their team.

So Art spills his truth and goes home to his job—his revelation making him a true member of Clone Club—joining the ranks of Felix, Scott, and Cal(?) as trustworthy civilians the Ledas must rely on but also protect at all costs.

Who was your Most Valuable Clone (or Clone Club Groupie) for this week’s Orphan Black?