Lady Gaga
Credit: Jun Sato/WireImage

With the election literally a day away, things are getting pretty heated all around. Celebrities like Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams, Tyler Oakley, and Jay Z have all come out in support of Hillary Clinton.

In fact, so perturbed by comments made by Donald and Melania Trump, Lady Gaga took to twitter to call out Melania’s hypocrisy.

Gaga’s comments were a reaction to Melania’s statement that she wanted to put an end to cyber bullying.

Mrs. Trump made statements last month stating that as First Lady she would attempt to tackle online bullying and negativity on social media.

Of course many people, including Gaga, pointed out the hypocrisy in Melania’s statements given that her husband, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, is notorious for using social media in less than positive ways.

Gaga, who has changed her Twitter name to “#VoteHillary,” expressed these concerns on Twitter.

Gaga then went on to explain how Donald Trump has “divided us with hateful language and fear,” before stating that she was voting for Hillary.

Speaking on a Japanese TV show, Lady Gaga expanded on why she feels that Donald Trump is not a worthy candidate to be president.

Lady Gaga’s comments come after the FBI announced that it had no plans to change its conclusion that Hillary Clinton should not face criminal charges regarding the recently revived email scandal.

The singer and actor has also spoken out in support of women who have been subjected to sexually assault. Gaga, who has previously opened up about her own experiences after being raped as a teenager, made the comments following lewd and sexist remarks made by Donald Trump, along with allegations of sexual assault.