Crystal Ro
June 06, 2016 3:56 pm

Oh, Ramsay Bolton (née Snow), if ever a villain was going to replace the despicable Joffrey, it would be you. And, well, it is you.

Known as the psychopathic bastard son of Roose Bolton, and also as the man that Jon Snow will (probably) slay, Ramsay Bolton is pretty much the coldest of the cold (minus maybe the Night’s King?).


So, you’d be pretty hard pressed to make him cry. Right?

Well, lucky for us Ramsay’s IRL counterpart, Iwan Rheon, isn’t nearly as viscious. In fact, he’s quite the sweet heart. Rheon recently participated in a British charity event called Soccer Aid, looking less like the evil self-proclaimed Lord of the North and more like, well, this…

Shirlaine Forrest / Getty


During the event, Rheon swiftly took to the field like Ramsay Bolton chasing after Sansa Stark on a cold winter’s day.

Shirlaine Forrest / Getty

However, a major highlight for Iwan himself was his opportunity to meet soccer legend Pelé – aka the greatest soccer player ever.

Shirlaine Forrest / Getty

And here’s what Ramsay, er, Iwan had to say about this incredible moment:

That’s right, he almost cried. ALMOST.

So, keep this in mind Jon Snow, when you make your march toward Winterfell, you may want to consider enlisting Pelé into your army.