One Direction has a cameo in JK Rowling’s new book, and our fandom hearts explode

Along with being one of the most successful authors of all time, Harry Potter creator JK Rowling is also, apparently, a Directioner. When she’s not thinking up adventures for Harry and the gang at Hogwarts, or screenwriting Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, she’s writing mystery novels under the pseudonym “Robert Galbraith.” And also, apparently, listening to One Direction while she writes them.

We know this because the iconic boy band made an appearance in Galbraith’s latest novel, Career of Evil. No, this isn’t One Direction fan fiction (although that would be amazing), instead it’s a very subtle reference, which you can read in this excerpt:

Here are the things I love about this: One, that Niall gets the spotlight, two, that Niall must be JK Rowling’s favorite member if she went out of her way to mention him and three, if he’s not, that means JK Rowling had to do her research, meaning our magical queen spent a day watching One Direction YouTube clips and, presumably, swooning.

Career of Evil hit shelves back in October, so nothing is stopping you from running out to pick up a copy right now, although you probably already placed your Amazon order the moment you read this headline.

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