Caralynn Lippo
November 27, 2016 8:46 pm
ABC/Jack Rowand

“Changelings” was an epically heartbreaking episode of Once Upon a Time. On the bright side, it looks like we at least have a fun, light-hearted (ish) installment to look forward to next week. The promo for the winter finale of Once Upon a Time previews an alternate universe adventure – and we’re so here for it.

The ninth episode of the season found Belle’s pregnancy accelerated, thanks to her husband and the Evil Queen’s interference. Unfortunately, Belle knew she couldn’t keep her child, given Rumple’s recent untrustworthiness. Tragically, she was forced to give her newborn to the Blue Fairy, in order to keep baby Gideon safe.

But this is Once Upon a Time. Where there’s darkness, there’s also light. And what better way to lighten up the current darkness of the season than with a fun AU episode?

Next week’s midseason finale, “Wish You Were Here,” finds our heroes in a parallel world – one in which Emma was never the Savior. Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly‘s exclusive first look, here’s the official synopsis:

The promo for the upcoming episode looks just as exciting as the synopsis sounds.

Based on the super brief 30 second teaser, it appears that Emma will offhandedly mention that she wishes she never became the Savior. Of course, the Evil Queen (being a maniacal genius and whatnot) capitalizes on the opportunity. Thanks to Aladdin becoming a genie in tonight’s “Changelings” – with the intention of saving Agrabah – the Evil Queen is able to make it so that Emma’s wish comes true.

Emma is whisked off to an alternate reality. It’s one in which, apparently, Emma is merrily picking flowers in the forest and dressed in princess threads. So pretty! But also wrong.

In addition to this promo, we also have exclusive winter finale preview photos that Once Upon a Time shared with Entertainment Weekly.

In the photos, we can see Emma and a much older Snow and Charming dressed to the nines in full regal garb. From what we can gather from these minor hints, it seems that we’ll be introduced to a reality in which Snow and Charming never sent Emma away. They apparently raised her, aged normally, and Emma never became the Savior. Except Henry is there too, and is apparently a knight?! What’s going on here?

Once Upon a Time‘s alternate universe episodes are always tons of fun. Case in point: Season 4’s two-part finale “Operation Mongoose.” That finale found our heroes in a topsy-turvy world where Snow was an Evil Queen and Regina was the innocent warrior hero. “Wish You Were Here” looks like it’ll be an equally exciting finish to the first half of Season 6.