Caralynn Lippo
Updated Dec 05, 2016 @ 1:36 pm
Credit: ABC

The central mystery of Once Upon a Time Season 6 has revolved around Emma’s mysterious vision of her future. In it, a hooded figure kills her with a sword, as she’s powerless to stop him or her. The midseason finale of Once Upon a Time revealed who Emma’s future killer is – and it was completely shocking.

Emma’s apparently-doomed fate has been a huge part of the sixth season of the show. Her vision occurred in the season premiere and has pretty much dominated her storyline since then – alongside various efforts to defeat the Evil Queen, of course. The news even marred the otherwise-exciting news of Emma and Hook moving in together. Captain Swan fans have been wanting a happily ever after for their faves for years now and not one lasting just a few weeks until Emma is murdered in battle.

The winter finale “Wish You Were Here” took place in a wishverse – a fake world created when the Evil Queen took control of newly-genie Aladdin to wish that Emma was never the Savior.

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Rather than altering the world they were in, the wish whisked Emma away to this false universe in which the Dark Curse had never been cast and where she’d been raised a stereotypical princess by Snow and Charming.

While Regina was working on snapping Emma out of her delusion, another threat arose back in Storybrooke. The hooded figure from Emma’s vision arrived in town, taking down the Evil Queen (by transforming her into a snake) in one fell swoop.

The final minutes of the episode found Belle and Gold coming face to face with the figure as he arrived in Gold’s shop. As the stranger lifted away his hood, we (and the estranged couple) saw that he was “Morpheus” – a.k.a. Gideon, the adult version of Rumbelle’s baby.

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This was a surprising turn of events but, in all honesty, not completely unexpected. Ever since he made his debut in the first episode of the season, “Morpheus’s” motivations and behavior have seemed distinctly sketchy at worst and questionable at best. Earlier in the episode, we discovered that Gideon had been kidnapped from the Blue Fairy by Rumple’s evil baby-snatching mother, the Black Fairy. All in all, there were tons of bad tidings surrounding this kid.

The Gideon reveal was an incredibly exciting note to leave off the halfway point of the season. It begs so many questions. Why does Gideon want to kill Emma? How, exactly, did he age so rapidly? Why turn the Evil Queen into a snake? And most importantly – will Rumple and Belle be able to work together to stop their son from killing Emma? We’ll have to wait until Once Upon a Time returns in March to find out.