Jill Layton
Updated Jul 20, 2015 @ 4:49 pm

For no reason other than we think this is absolutely hysterical and think you will too, allow us to introduce you to our new favorite, and probably soon to be your new favorite, Twitter account: @omghiiiii. @omghiiiii, not to be confused with @omghiiii, @omghiii, @omghii or @omghi, is a Twitter account dedicated to faces that are found in the most unexpected objects — like in coffee mugs, pencil sharpeners, half-eaten candy bars, watermelons, phone chargers — you know, things that don’t normally have mouths or eyes or nose or even feelings, but are so adorable when they do.

The requirements are simple: find a face — it can be a smiley face, sad face, neutral face — and DM the face to @omghiiiii and then keep looking for more smiley faces, because isn’t this so fun? There is one catch — the face must look like it’s saying, “omg hiiiii.” But guess what? All faces found in objects pretty much look like they’re saying “omghiiiii,” which is what makes all of this so perfect.

This Twitter account is so brilliant, because how often do you find yourself saying to your friend (or to yourself), “OMG look, there’s a smiley face in that [insert inanimate object here]”? If you’re like us, it’s often. Fake faces are everywhere! In the sky! Floating in the foam atop our lattes! Sprinkled in the dirt! @omghiiiii faces live among us, so it’s important we give them the attention they deserve via Twitter.

We’d love to tell you the story behind this fantastic Twitter account, like who created it and why, but we can’t. Because we don’t know. Yet. But the mystery makes it even better! There doesn’t seem to be any reason for the account other than spreading happiness and a genuine collective love of spotting faces in things that aren’t supposed to have them, but do. And we’re OK with that.

Here’s are some of our favorite @omghiiiii photos so far:

Just a jolly USB plug @omghiiiii face, compatible with Apple products.

A pink baseball cap that just maybe saw a ghost.

We’re not totally sure what this @omghiiiii face is, but it’s sure all grins.

This watermelon @omghiiiii face is on the verge of becoming a @omgmeh face.

This couch @omghiiiii face isn’t dealing with anyone’s crap today, OK?

These sliced Jalapeño pieces want to be your BFF.

Just a face in a chocolate bar, happy to see you.

Toothbrush holder? Nay —a very smiley smiley face! You’ve got nothin’ on this, Emoji.

This @omghiiiii has the prettiest doe-eyes.

This ambiguous @omghiiiii just wants to make you laugh.

A hose that just wants your love.

All images via Twitter