Gina Mei
Updated Mar 31, 2015 @ 1:43 pm
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In case you missed it, OK Go has officially done a commercial for a Chinese furniture store — and it is exactly as weird and wonderful as you might expect.

Directed by Damian Kulash (the band’s lead singer), the Red Star Macalline commercial is a play on the visuals from the group’s music video for “The Writing’s on the Wall,” and set to a remix of their song “I Won’t Let You Down,” done by their drummer/percussionist Dan Konopka.

“Because sometimes you just make what you want,” reads the YouTube upload’s caption.

The band is best known for their clever, viral music videos, and their latest venture into the foreign furniture market is no less delightful. The commercial features some super fun optical illusions, including an Inception-esque scene that’s well worth a watch. And while the band has collaborated with other brands before (perhaps most notably with their “Needing/Getting” music video, a partnership with Chevrolet that has racked up over 31 million views to date), this is their first official, but by no means traditional, commercial. They even uploaded a video explaining the project for fans (including some dubbed Chinese, which is an added bit of fun for those of us who can speak Mandarin).

OK Go’s videos are always a good time, whether low budget, one-take backyard/treadmill dance sequences or difficult and well-orchestrated routines shot using a drone (NBD); and this one is no exception. Unfortunately, unless you’re based in China, you can’t actually buy any of the furniture the commercial is advertising — so here’s hoping the band does an ad for IKEA soon.

Check it out for yourself below!

(Image via video.)