You guys KNOW how much we love lady-powered reboots of Hollywood franchises that originally skewed male. We’re still swooning over the Ghostbusters lady-centric reboot. Now we get to add to that swooning because an all-female reboot is happening for Ocean’s Eleven . Which means that protag Danny is basically going to be short for Danielle. Work!

Hot off the heels of the all-ladies Ghostbusters, it’s time to focus on an ensemble movie that won’t just feature four amazing women, but upwards of eleven. If you haven’t seen Ocean’s Eleven a thousand times on TNT by now, it follows the madcap heist of Danny Ocean and his accomplices as they try to rob a casino on the busiest night of the year. George Clooney played the OG Danny (but, actually, Frank Sinatra played the original-original Danny Ocean in the 1960 version of the film), and Steven Soderbergh directed all three films of the contemporary Ocean’s trilogy. Clooney and Soderbergh are planning to team up again to produce this new version, and have their sights set on one of our favorite actresses to star: Sandra Bullock.

BRB, gotta go high five a million angels about this.

Clooney and Bullock have been friends for years, and their Hollywood paths often cross. As we all remember, the dynamic duo recently starred in Gravity together. Bullock also took over the role originally intended for Clooney in this fall’s Our Brand Is Crisis. Clooney is ready to completely pass the Ocean’s Eleven ropes over to Bullock, and according to IndieWire, who first broke the news, he might even cameo as his Danny.

As for directing, Soderbergh is going to hand that job over, too. Gary Ross, who directed Hunger Games, is set to helm this project, and now I know what you’re thinking. Can Jennifer Lawrence play Danny’s right-hand-(wo)man Rusty (AKA Brad Pitt in Clooney’s version)? Yes, but I really see her as more of a Linus (Matt Damon, you’re welcome).

They’ll be plenty of time later speculate about who’s going to play who in this reboot (but Amy Poehler should most definitely be the explosives expert, we’re just going to go ahead and make that call right now). With more than a dozen roles to cast, it’s going to give a huge platform to so many amazing and talented female stars, and we hope to see a wide and inclusive spectrum of women cast. We have complete faith that this reboot is going to be A+. With Bullock calling all the shots for this team, you know these ladies are totally going to get the job done.


(Image via Warner Bros.)