Kit Steinkellner
Updated August 24, 2017 4:36 pm

So we’ve all heard by now that some jerk found a glitch in Apple iCloud, exploited that glitch to hack into celebrity phones, found a bunch of nude photos of a bunch of famous ladies, and slapped the naked pics up on the Internet. The women in question have had different reactions to the incident, a representative for Jennifer Lawrence calls the act a “flagrant violation of privacy,” actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead shamed looky-loos on Twitter (“To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourself”), and Nickelodeon stars Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande insist that the pics supposedly of them are fakes.

Any way you slice it, this was a messed-up act of the highest order that shames women whom we all deeply respect. So let’s turn the tables on this one and pay some attention to the pictures of these women we should actually be talking about, the pictures that show these women achieving their dreams and inspiring the world to do the same.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence changed the game for blockbusters with The Hunger Games. Prior to the film, among the top 200 highest-grossing films, not one had been built around a female action star. Lawrence helped Hollywood take a big leap forward with her franchise, demonstrating that the industry can really cash in on women kicking ass.

2. Rihanna

The singer has sold over 30 million albums and 120 million singles worldwide, making her one of the best-selling musical artists of all time. She’s tied with Michael Jackson for third most number-one singles in U.S. Billboard’s Hot 100 chart’s history.

3. Ariana Grande

Now, to be fair, Grande insists that the hacked nude shots are NOT her, “My lil ass is a lot cuter than that,” the artist joked on Twitter. But still, girl deserves some love, she recently joined Adele in becoming one of only two female artists in Billboard’s Hot 100 chart history to have three top ten hits (“Problem,” “Break Free,” and “Bang Bang” simultaneously as a lead artist).

4. Brie Larson

I don’t care what the awards shows said, last year every (and I mean EVERY) “Best Actress” award should have gone to Larson for her work on Short Term 12. Netflix it, people, that film is EVERYTHING and someday soon we’re going to say “Brie” the same way we say “Meryl.”

5. Lea Michele

Glee really heralded in the “Losers are the New Cool Kids” era for high schoolers across America and Lea Michele as the super-talented-annoying-driven-needy-wonderfully-strong-and-flawed Rachel Berry was the baton-twirling lead majorette for this weirdo parade. This show has been meaningful for so many high schoolers who have felt odd and out-of-place, and good on Michele and the Glee team for giving these lost souls a musical home one hour out of every week.

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