Alim Kheraj
Updated Dec 02, 2016 @ 3:57 am
Emily Ratajkowski
Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Seriously, 2016 has got to have been the most exhausting year on record. And now we’ve learned about another moment of douchery, too. Model and actor Emily Ratajkowski has had nude photographs of herself used without her permission.

Now, Emily Ratajkowski is not strange to a sexy photoshoot. In fact, it’s part of why we love her. The star has used her platform to express how women can make a statement and still be sexy. She’s also been pretty outspoken about sexism and misogyny, too, and talked about how it’s empowering to be sexy.

Well, now Emily has been subjected to what she is calling a “violation” and it’s not okay.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday night (November 30th), the 25-year-old told how nude pictures of her were being used in a book without her permission.

According to a report in USA Today, the Ratajkowski was involved in a photoshoot with Jonathan Leder in 2012 for an “artful magazine shoot.” However, Leder has now incorporated never-before-seen Polaroids from the shoot in a new book of over 100 picctures, Emily Ratajkowski: Collector’s Edition, set to be published this month.

According to Ratajkowski, she wasn’t informed of the decision to publish the book, wasn’t paid for the picture, and didn’t sign a release form.

In fact, she said, the use of the pictures goes against everything that she’s campaigned for.

Indeed, the publisher then goes on to say:

According to, Leder’s original Polaroids will also be in an exhibition at the Castor Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, in February next year.

We have to say, this is SO unacceptable. While Emily Ratajkowski might have been complicit in having her picture taken with Leder, as she said it was for a magazine shoot. The fact that these images are now being used without her permission for a book and exhibition is not okay. We’re proud of her for speaking up about it, and we hope that she can get the issue sorted with her legal team.