Rachel Paige
Updated August 12, 2015

Haven’t you always wanted to jump into television’s arms and yell, “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird!” Well, now you might be one step closer to that real-life love story.

According to Entertainment Weekly, The Notebook might be coming to a TV screen near you soon. The CW announced that they are in very early states of development for a potential Notebook TV series. The network has partnered up with Notebook scribe, Nicholas Sparks (who is responsible for roughly half of the tears cried in movie theaters over the last decade) and are working on bringing Allie and Noah’s story to life on the small screen.

But once again, to repeat: very early stages of development. We will not be seeing The Notebook: The Series nestled in-between Jane the Virgin and Vampire Diaries this fall.

The cry-worthy book and cry-worthy movie — that launched a thousand love stories, not to mention Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams — followed the decades long saga of Noah and Allie’s love story, from their first meeting till death.

According to The CW president Mark Pedowitz the TV show will not feature old Allie and Noah, but things could still change a hundred times before this show really exists. Per EW, the official synopsis for the show follows the same plot of the movie:

For fans of the movie this is probably 90% awesome and 10% anxiety-inducing — are they gonna mess up our beloved flick?? Well, we’ve decided to focus on the awesome. This could be incredible! Back stories, new characters, and still the same old undying love. Consider us in.

[Images via New Line Cinema]