Sammy Nickalls
August 17, 2015 2:33 pm

Earlier this month, we were BONKERS excited for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux when news got out that they got hitched (and yes, Courteney Cox was the maid of honor — Monica and Rachel forever). After three years, the adorable couple tied the knot, and we can speculate that the wedding was wonderful and happy and perfect. Because thus far, no official pictures have been released of the grand affair (and it’s totally cool that the couple want their privacy).

But if you were on certain spaces in the Internet this weekend, you might have noticed talk of Jennifer Aniston’s supposed wedding dress. Here’s what happened: Over the weekend, a Jennifer Aniston Facebook page shared a pic of what appeared to be Jen in a totally gorgeous wedding dress with quite an impressive train. “You have my whole heart for my whole life. #Weddingdress,” the Facebook post initially read. Take a peek:

OK, totally gorgeous, right? Like, swoon, can we have that dress for ourselves? Over 340,000 people liked the pic, and over 26,000 people shared it. News outlets and publications reported on it. The entire Internet melted in pure adoration for the dress, because they were sharing love and harmony — can’t fault ’em for that, right? Here are some reactions people had to Aniston’s alleged wedding dress:

But there was just one problem: It’s not actually Jen in that dress. Sad face. Though the page that shared the picture appears to be legit and has almost 175,000 likes —it’s not verified. And it’s just a fan account. Plus, if you look on Pinterest, the photo has been up for about a year; in fact, it’s been repinned so many times that if you’re a frequent Pinterest user, you’ve probably seen it around. You can even buy it here, if you really want.

Need more proof? BuzzFeed points out that the dress is actually from an Israeli label called Dimitrius Dalia from a 2014 collection, and you can actually see the “Jen” wedding dress pic in the gallery here. And as a final piece of evidence, we note that the Jennifer Aniston fan page has deleted the caption of the photograph completely.

Conclusion? Though it’s a totally gorgeous dress, it’s not Jennifer Aniston’s dress. Maybe one day, we’ll get to see it —that’s totally the actress’ choice. Until then, we’ll probably be dreaming about wearing that dress our own (for a wedding, or for fun, because why not?), because Jennifer’s or not, it’s seriously stunning.

Image via Facebook

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