Kit Steinkellner
Updated Jun 01, 2015 @ 10:37 am

News just broke that Kim and Kanye are expecting their second child because OF COURSE THEY ARE. But have you seen the sweet preciousness that is their firstborn North West? She’s pretty adorbs.

In addition to that most presh of mugs, North West, with her glam coats and tutus, is already a fashion icon. (I mean, Kanye is her dad, so she does come by stylishness honestly.) She’s also learned how to turn her jet setting toddler life into something that totally works for her. Exhibit A:

As North gets ready to take the sister step, I thought that as the big sis in my fam, I should try to dispense a wee bit of advice to this tiny tot. Here are just a few things to know about being a big sis. At least, this is what’s helped me with my most important of familial roles.

Get ready to be the guinea pig

Here’s the thing about being the oldest child. Your parents try a bunch of parenting stuff on you and whatever works, they end up using on your younger siblings and whatever doesn’t, they end up tossing. What that means is you will ALWAYS see your siblings benefiting from the trail you had to blaze, which is super unfair, but super how it is.

Resist the urge to be the bratty

The thing about being a kid who suddenly has a younger sibling is it complicates your life enormously (all of a sudden you have to share EVERYTHING) but rather than get much credit for your ginormous sacrifice, you’re getting way less attention because everybody is freaking out over the cute baby in the room. It totally makes sense that older sibs get their brat on, they feel like they’re getting a raw deal. But please do your best to not act out as a rule, it’s only going to make everything worse. That said, a flare-up once in a while is whatever, you’re, like, 2. But what you really want to do is . . .

Make being your “parents’ little helper” your go-to move

You’re really killing two birds with one stone here: You’re bonding with your little sib and you’re placing yourself squarely in your parents’ good graces. You’re still going to be a tot when South West is born, so you’re probably not going to be changing diapers. But even tiny things, like helping your mom choose outfits for your sib or helping pick up toys, will go a long way here.

Be a badass role model

Your younger sib is watching your every move, so show them how it’s done by being kind and smart and courageous and cool and just a rocking person in general. Someone watching carefully and taking mental notes is great incentive for you to be your best self and you’re also helping this little person figure out how to be his/her best self, so win/win.

Be grateful

You and your sibling are going to be a club of two. You are the ONLY ones who will know what it’s like to be the offspring of Kim and Kanye. You will share your childhoods, and as an adult, that shared past is a powerful thing to build a life relationship on. So few people are going to get it, but your sibling is going to be one of those people. That’s something to be super-duper crazy grateful about.

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