norman reedus 90s
Credit: Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

As of Friday, January 6th, the man we all know and love as Daryl Dixon, Mr. Norman Reedus, is 48 years old.

As Keanu would say, whoa. Dude is two years away from the AARP catalog.

Reedus nearing 50 seems insane to those of us who only know him as the zombie-slaying, squirrel-hunting, dog food sandwich-eating heartthrob Daryl, but to anyone who came of age in the ’90s, it’s probably not so weird. Because not only was Reedus pretty famous for starring in the Boston crime classic The Boondock Saints way, way back in ’99, he was also well known for being a high end fashion model before that.

Yup, seriously. And the pics. are. freaking. fantastic.

Daryl made GAP look GOOD.

His Prada campaign is the stuff of legends …


Seriously, does he NOT look like Leonardo DiCaprio, here?

This does not look like a man who will eventually go on to eat squirrel meat on the reg.

He was even in a Levi’s commercial!

And an H&M ad!

As if this wasn’t peak ’90s enough, Norman was also in a Björk video.

(Yup, that’s him with the blue shirt and TONS of eyeliner.)

However, lest you think the oh-so-down-to-earth Norman was once a hoity-toity fashion dude, know that he literally didn’t even know what Prada WAS back when he got hired to be their Zoolander.

“I got a call saying, ‘It’s between you and Nicolas Cage to do a Prada campaign,'” he said on LIVE with Kelly. “I was like, ‘What’s Prada?'”

Basically, whether he’s a 48-year-old zombie slayer or a 28-year-old pretty boy in bellbottoms, Norman is still Norman.

Credit: AMC

… And that’s why we’ll always love him.

Happy birthday, Norman!