norah jones
Credit: Norah Jones /

Have you been feeling a chill in your heart lately? Are you eagerly awaiting cozy sweater season?

Then say no more — smoky songstress Norah Jones is back with a new song and has announced a new album out on October 7, perfect for crunchy leaves on the ground and warm cider by the glass.

(I’m just really excited for fall, okay?)

Jones hasn’t dropped an album since 2012’s splendid Little Broken Hearts, and in the time since, there’s been a void of tender, warmly glowing original Jones music. She did team up with Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong for Foreverly, but that project was centered around Everly Brothers musical covers.

Her sixth studio album is titled Day Breaks, and just looking at this album cover makes me feel warmer in my heart:

The first song off of the album is “Carry On,” a lilting ode to moving forward. In the music video, Jones is shown singing and playing the piano, but the real star of the show is the old couple dancing throughout. I might’ve teared up a little bit watching it:

“Carry On” is one of nine new songs on the album; the rest is made up of more covers, including of Neil Young and Duke Ellington. We can’t wait to hear the rest of Day Breaks when it drops; until then, we’ll let her voice carry us away in dreams of autumn.