Scarlet Meyer
October 09, 2016 11:19 am

Attention all people who love Nintendo and drinking! (So basically, everyone, right?) New York Comic Con (in its long-standing tradition of introducing us to things that are way too cool to be true but somehow are) has outdone itself again with the introduction of Ink Whiskey’s “Bartendo.”

Yes. “Bartendo.” Let your mind imagination run wild for a second.

And yes, it looks like it’s as fun as your imagination just pictured it.

“Bartendo” is the creation of Portland, Oregon’s Ink Whiskey founder, Matt Cornell. It makes Nintendo related drinking gear, which we never before realized was totally something we needed.

Cornell boasts such magical creations as Nintendo game cartridge flasks (which are seriously awesome!) and other game related drinking gear which all have great Nintendo puns for names.

Like many great ideas, “Bartendo” started with a dream and became a reality through a clever Kickstarter campaign.

People were of course obsessed with the idea with Nintendo game cartridge flasks, and they soon were almost 332% over their initial Kickstarter goal.

According to the Huffington Post, Cornell credits a lot of his pun and product creation to hanging out, drinking, and talking to convention goers.

He’s actually taken a few suggestions from convention goers. For example, two of our favorite flask puns “Castle-vodka” and “Metal Beer” actually were suggestions from people visiting his booth at the convention.

All around, a totally cool concept that we are super excited about!

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