Ryan Lochte may have come back from the 2016 Rio Olympics an utter disgrace, but he proved to be a winning Halloween costume this year.

At a star-studded soiree this weekend, The Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev donned a Lochte Halloween costume, nailing his look from gray hair to flip-flopped feet.

Taking her costume to the next level was the addition of her friend Lane Cheek — a crew member on The Vampire Diaries — who was dressed in costume as Jimmy Feigen, one of the other disgraced swimmers who lied with Lochte about being robbed at gunpoint in Brazil.

In our humble opinion, the pair’s costumes fall into both the “too soon” and “you win Halloween” categories. But either way, we’re obsessed with those printed-on ab shirts and we’re adding them to our holiday wish list ASAP. (Because exercise-related New Year’s resolution = officially checked off, duh.)

Dobrev wasn’t the only one who got the Lochte memo over the weekend. Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner showed up to the same party channeling the gold-medal swimmer, and his costume was nothing to sniff at.

You can never have too many Lochtes, right?

For Lochte’s part, he opted for a somewhat terrifying Mad Hatter Halloween costume and was joined by his fiancée, model Kayla Rae Reid, who was dressed as a sexy version of Alice in Wonderland.

Very ~*intersting*~ you two. Keep the weird and wonderful costumes coming!