Move over, Harry Styles! There’s a new Brit in my life: Nick D’Aloisio. You know, the cute 17-year-old who made a (rumored) cool £20 million (that’s US $30.4) when he sold his app, Summly, to Yahoo! this month.

Check this: Nick was sitting at his house one night, studying away for his GCSEs, which I understand is the test you take to graduate from British high school (YEAH, high school ’cause he was 15 at the time), when he grew frustrated with the length of articles on the web. Kids these days! Nick figured there had to be a better way to judge whether the long article was worth a read.

Introducing: Summly, an app for your smart-phone that summarizes long web articles in three short paragraphs. (Where was this when I was in school?) It has been available for free download since 2011 and an article posted on The Telegraph claims the app has been used on over a million screens and has summarized 90 million articles. No wonder it caught the eye of the geniuses over at Yahoo! They made an offer to D’Aloisio, buying the app outright and giving him a job at their UK Office.

I think what I love the most about this story is how ADORABLE he is! Honestly, y’all, he could be the newest member of One Direction and I wouldn’t hate it one bit! And he is so humble and cute and has great hair (it’s all in the hair). You would expect him to follow in the footsteps of young millionaires before him and buy, I don’t know, a metallic chrome Ferrari (I’m just spit balling here) or a giant mansion with rooms for his shoes! But no! He said he wants a new backpack!!!! That’s what came to mind when asked what he would buy with the money. LIKE, HELLO: Are you taking applications for a wife?

This is what he told The Telegraph:

He’s so passionate about his invention and about technology. You can see him just bursting with joy in this video. I wish I had that kind of determination when I was 17. Instead I was trying to figure out how to drop an egg off a balcony without it breaking in physics class. (Spoiler Alert: I failed.)

Here’s what he wrote to user’s on his website:

Nick gives me hope for my generation. Maybe we aren’t all slackers after all? He may not have wanted to read a long article, but he invented an app, people. I don’t even know how someone goes about doing that! Let’s all hope he stays humble (and adorable) in the years to come and keep developing amazing apps!!

Learn more about the app here!

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